One of the largest and most well-known churches in Paris; this is a 12th century catholic cathedral gorgeously constructed in French Gothic architectural style. The cathedral has an enormous and stunning façade. I suggest visiting this place early in the day (avoid crowds) to get a full-length photo from a distance.

Entrance to the church is free and there are audio tapes (5€-10€) available inside that act as a virtual guide of the Cathedral. The cathedral has a treasury and a small museum on one side which include important Catholicism relics including a part of the crown of thorns and fragment of the true cross. It is a functional church and masses are held here in the French language regularly.

There are close to 400 steps as part of winding spiral staircases inside the cathedral that will take you the terrace. From up there you can view the gargoyles in close quarters looking out at the spectacular city of Paris. This might be closed for renovations.

After you’re done visiting the inside, I suggest taking a walk round the cathedral on the outside and getting a view of the its famous flying buttress architecture on the other side. This is the general view of the church from across the Seine river that flows alongside.

The  picture you see here,  was taken in autumn. During spring season however, the cherry blossom trees adorn the surroundings of the cathedral. So, if you’re in Paris in April-May, don’t miss out on a visit to the Notre-Dame to view it in pretty pink hue.


Other churches to visit in the city – Église Saint-Sulpice, Sainte-Chapelle & Sacré Coeur

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