It was our 5th anniversary the day we arrived in Paris, early morning in the chill of January. The twins had slept well in their bassinets on our direct night flight from India. My husband had already settled in a few months prior, on his new work assignment.

A little away from the city, we came home to the perfect apartment for us. It was a furnished place with an old charm. The French windows (read huge glass balcony doors) opened-up to beautiful views of the sky; sunlight always coming in through in the afternoons. The place was right enough for the kids to crawl about and go on to take their first steps, that very first month.

To be honest, the first year went by so quick we didn’t have time to soak it all in; the fact that we were in Paris, had seen the Eiffel as all tourists here, prayed at Notre dame on a rainy day, walked on Champs Elysées so many times passing by the famous Arc de Triomphe, tasted the best macarons, had a picnic at the Tuileries, seen the Mona Lisa at Louvre, eaten delicacies at the Latin quarter, eaten roasted chestnuts for the first time, seen the magic of Christmas markets , watched Paris light up at night siting inside the Grand Rue – big wheel at Place de la Concorde and so much more.

However, the highlight of 2016 somehow was that the twins had turned 2 by the end of it and though we missed all the help we had gotten the previous year back home, we managed decently by ourselves. Daringly, (and I say so because it surely is quite the task to manage baby twins with no nanny )  we traveled along with the twins to Germany, Switzerland and Italy and it was quite the adventure.

Stepping into our second year abroad, I counted our blessings and was thankful for all that the past year was. I’m especially glad that we didn’t let anything hold us back in seizing the opportunity to travel.  We were glancing through some photos, recalling all the incredible streets of cities and towns we’d already explored in Europe and found ourselves wanting to go see so much more of the world. This time around, I decided to cherish the memories and share the love.

So here I am, writing a new chapter in life by pinning my polaroid squares into a blog sounding like a small guide at times and just sharing out of my experiences. #mysnapshotstories.

Welcome to my world, join me as I twirl down the rabbit hole recapping adventures both old and recent. Click Travel to explore more…

With much Love ~Viveena Rodrigues (aka Viv)

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